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Peace Week San Diego Sept. 13 – 23

Peace Week San Diego Sept. 13 – 23

1-2-3! Moving from disaster to a just economy

*Part of Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions and funded by the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. A Just Peace Economy For All San Diego – NOW!

Co-created by a collaboration of peace activists & groups

more info @ facebook.com/prcsd

“All People Have The Right to Peace”
- Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

Peace Week San looks to co-build the path to move militarized San Diego to a peace & just economy. People will be gathering for music, discussions, circles, restorative justice, & more peace actions across the county. The Forum: A Peace Economy NOW! On Sat., 9/22, spells out the how & why.

Disaster Capitalism is a disaster for our world.

The United Nations calls upon us to re-imagine a better economy, where people matter over profits, justice prevails over corporate greed, sharing prevails over hoarding, and local cooperatives thrive as Main Street shines.

Thursday, 9/13

Conversations in the Garden – A Peace Economy

11:00 am – 1:00 PM – Linda Vista Garden – see event for details and RSVP

Saturday, 9/15

Shining Peace Over San Diego

7 pm – gather @ the old Visitor Center, 2688 East Mission Bay Dr
8 pm – music & camaraderie, Mission Bay after OLB Light Show

Sunday, 9/16

The Power of Circles – Interfaith Youth Peace Circle

1:30-4 pm

RSVP req: Sr. LaVern Olberding @ funnun60@hotmail.com

Monday, 9/17

Youth & Restorative Justice Working in City Heights!!
A Panel Discussion with the Peace Promotion Momentum Team

4-6 pm, Dojo Cafe, 4350 El Cajon Blvd.


Tuesday, 9/18

WOSD Movie Night: Women, War and Peace

6:30 pm, Women’s Museum of California


Wednesday, 9/19

Peace Circle at Sunset, Solana Beach

RSVP req: christybohan@cox.net; 760-652.4035

Friday, 9/21 – International Peace Day

Movie Night @ OB Green Center & networking

7 pm-9: 30 pm Pray the Devil Back to Hell – outdoor event, dress appropriately.


Saturday, 9/22

Forum: A Peace Economy NOW!

Next steps to a San Diego peace and just economy for all 10am-1pm, Peace Resource Center


Sunday, 9/23

Peace Vigil in Vista – with Standing For Peace

12:30-1: 30 pm, corner of Santa Fe & Vista Village Dr.


The WOSD website is a powerhouse for activists

The WOSD website is a powerhouse for activists


A place for women who want to change the world

We’ve redesigned the website for Women Occupy San Diego to be a powerful tool for powerful humans who share our values of justice, equality, and compassion along with our commitment to civic engagement. Check it out:  www.WomenOccupySanDiego.org  You won’t be able to do too much until you sign up, but we hope what you see will inspire you to join. Please send us a message on the Contact Us page if you see typos or have suggestions to make the site better.

This is a place for activists to organize and support one another. You must register and be approved in order to access the social networking tools, so please do that now – it will only take a minute. Be sure to select the committees you are interested in, so we can invite you to join them.

Why are we asking you to sign-up and requiring that your registration ia approved?
We are being careful who joins and controlling what privileges participants have, in order to keep out the trolls and provocateurs who deliberately make it so difficult to get things done.  Once approved, you will be able to participate in the conversations, post events, plan activities and join committees. Committee members communicate among themselves as easily as if they had their own private social media platform. The difference is that you can discuss ideas and share files without being part of the Facebook/Google system or subjected to demoralizing negativity and abuse.

We’re not over-reacting about keeping out the trolls! 
Within hours of putting the site online, we were bombarded with signups from “people” with .ru addresses (Russia) and spammers trying to sell all kinds of junk! So we had to make it harder to register by adding a required field for a Very Brief Bio. Be sure to write something in that box that lets us know that you are a part of the San Diego progressive community.

Once approved, you’re good to go! 
You will get an email to click to activate your account and then a second email notifying that you have been approved as a Contributor, allowing you to participate in conversations, post events and invite other members. If you would like more editing access, send an email with your request to

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Welcome to the best way to organize in 2018!

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