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Sister Action in San Diego (Grannies Respond)

Sister Action in San Diego (Grannies Respond)

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Sister Action in San Diego (Grannies Respond)

Date(s) - 08/05/2018
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Friendship Park


We are the grandparents, the moral authority of the nation.
Return the children to their families.

A Great Silent Grandmothers Gathering with intervals of songs of solidarity, as a Sister Action to the Grannies Respond caravan to McAllen, Texas.

On Sunday, the 5th, at 1:30, we will join with some of the Grannies who are caravaning to the gathering in McAllen, Texas, to attend the binational ecumenical service at Friendship Park at the border wall where it drops off into the Pacific.

Unified U.S. Deported Veterans-Resource Center “Playas Barracks”, a chapter of Veterans for Peace / Veteranos por la Paz, will face us from the Mexican side.

Following the service, we will stand in a silent vigil to the families who have come to our border seeking asylum and have had their children taken from them. Veterans for Peace in Tijuana is organizing to participate on the Mexico side of the wall. To arrive at the Park on the Mexican side, travel (or ask a taxi driver to take you) to Tijuana’s famous lighthouse (“El Faro”) in Playas de Tijuana.  There you will find the border fence wrapped around the northern side of the historic monument, which marks the spot of the binational meeting place.  Twenty meters to the east you will find the Binational Friendship Garden.

We are now learning that many of these children have been “lost” and may never be reunited with their parents. We are hearing reports of horrible conditions and abuse inflicted on these children. We are outraged by the cruel and inhumane way our government is treating immigrant children and their families. As a Sister Action with Grannies Respond, we are calling upon the ancient moral authority of grandparents to demand the immediate reunion of these children with their families. We demand an end to family detention. Families deserve due process, not indefinite detention.

We will not be silent while little ones are crying alone without their families. We the elders will be the moral compass. We will not rest until compassion and decency is restored.

Please arrive early to allow time to arrive at the Park itself before 1:30. During summer months, the vehicle road through Border Field State Park is OPEN, so you can drive all the way in to Friendship Park.  The cost per vehicle is $5 to drive in to the State Park. Alternately, you can hike through Border Field State Park. This is a 30-45 min walk through Border Field State Park.   The hike is 1.8 miles each way, almost entirely on level ground.

Border Patrol will request proof of U.S. residence from visitors to Friendship Park (US Passport, or driver’s license, birth certificate) and the surrounding area is heavily patrolled. Border Patrol rules prohibit passing items through the fence between the U.S. and Mexico. This is a customs violation and includes food, money, gifts, and notes.

You can car pool and join a caravan to Border Field State Park, departing from 970 Broadway in Chula Vista at 12 o’clock.  Look for the very, very, yellow vehicle.

Do remember to bring your I.D, water, and your personal plans for coping with heat and sun. Border Patrol may enforce a limit on the number of people allowed into Friendship Park, so you may have to wait before entering during busy times.  For more details on Friendship Park, go to http://www.friendshippark.org/visitus

Following the vigil, George Johnson, of Veterans for Peace, has extened an invitation to a BBQ at his home in Tijuana, 1 1/4 miles from the Binational Friendship Garden. (You will need to cross the border if you are coming from the U.S. George will provide burgers and hotdogs and buns. Bring beverages, salads etc. Call George at 650-207-6073 for directions.

Monday, August 6th
See also details for our two actions on Monday, August 6th, modeling the moral authority of grandparents as so eloquently described in the book, The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering. Monday’s actions are planned as an extension of the Grannies Respond actions happening in McAllen Texas. Please DO NOT bring banners or signs. Other than singing songs, these will be silent actions.

We will meet at 11:00 AM for a vigil at the Otay Mesa Detention Center at 7488 Calzada De La Fuente, San Diego, CA 92154

After the action in Otay Mesa, we will head to Achiote Restaurant at 4419 Camino de la Plaza in the Las Americas Premium Mall in San Ysidro, there we will have lunch and organize for our 3 o’clock ‘surprise’ at the Pedwest Port of Entry located at the south end of the Las Americas Mall, 1 Virginia Avenue.

If possible, wear white and yellow and if you have a white or yellow shawl, please bring it. Carol Clary is also creating yellow rebozos (shawls). The rebozo represents maternal nurturing. Remember to bring your I.D, water, and your personal plans for coping with heat and sun.

Women Occupy San Diego is proud to sponsor this event.

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  1. Thank you, Jeeni, for supporting our visiting grannies. <3

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